Graduates Profile

The Agribusiness Study Program graduates profile refers to the profile of Diponegoro University graduates, i.e. COMPLETE (communicator, professional, leader, educator, thinker, and entrepreneur). Profile of graduates of the Agribusiness Study Program is graduates who are able to become managers, entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs, community development facilitators, educators/academics, and agribusiness researchers/consultants/reviewers.

  1. Manager

Company leaders who master agribusiness science and technology, are able to plan, organize, implement, and develop sustainable agribusiness and agroindustry businesses based on business ethics. Able to apply basic social science and basic Agribusiness Science. Able to use information technology that supports the development of agribusiness and rural development. Able to work, creative, tenacious, and independent. Able to understand the basic principles of handling agricultural products, especially those relevant to the development of agroindustry.

  1. Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur

A person who can implement and develop sustainable-based agribusiness, plan and develop capital and human resources as well as formulate strategies, evaluate, communicate ideas in a structured, systematic, and comprehensive manner and utilize information technology and form networking in developing small and medium-sized businesses based on creative industries, information technology by utilizing local potential.

  1. Agribusiness Community Development Facilitator

A person who has the ability to design and implement agribusiness community development training programs, has a high work ethic, manages resources to increase community capacity in facing agribusiness development challenges, increases participation, builds relationships and manages conflicts, communicates ideas both verbally and in writing in a structured and comprehensive manner, utilizing information technology and forming networks, developing small and medium-sized businesses based on creative industries, information technology by utilizing local potentials and mastering skills and making use of communication media for the development of agribusiness communities

  1. Educator/Researcher/Consultant/Agribusiness Reviewer

A person who is able to identify, analyze problems, design and carry out research, and work professionally. Able to think analytically and synthetically for the development of solutions on agribusiness operating systems. Able to plan, formulate and formulate agricultural and rural development policies based on agribusiness. Able to use analytical techniques and publish research results. Able to review scientific publications related to agribusiness and rural development. Able to communicate in national and international languages ​​orally and in writing. Able to negotiate and communicate effectively with stakeholders in the development of agribusiness operating systems by utilizing information technology.