SEMARANG – In order to develop the quality of the journal, on Wednesday (20-03-2019) Journal team SOCA visit Agrisocionomics Journal Diponegoro University. Housed in a building UNDIP FPP Dean, Kustopo Budiraharjo MP as Chairman of the Agribusiness Studies Program along with Dr. Wiludjeng Roessali as Chief Editor Journal Journal Agrisocionomics accept the arrival of team SOCA represented by Dr. Gede Mekse Korri Chief Editor Journal of SOCA and the team. The event was also attended by the entire faculty Agribusiness Studies Program FPP UNDIP discuss the initiation of cooperation between the two parties.

The meeting that lasted 2.5 hours is about the possibilities of cooperation that can be done, relationship, until each Exchanging thoughts and experiences between the two managers of the journal. The problem encountered almost the same, is still lack of manuscript written by external parties.

To overcome this, the Journal SOCA offer to lecturers in agribusiness FPP UNDIP to be willing to be an external review and are pleased to enter text publications. The hope is that scripts can enter in process quickly and the quality of the journal also increased. Of course this is shared by Agrisocionomics Journal team as it also has a similar problem. Team Journal Agrisocionomics warmly welcomed the initiation of this cooperation is also to offer to the lecturers in Agribusiness UNUD that also want to be a reviewer and insert text into Agrisocionomics Journal.

It is expected to initiate this cooperation, the quality of the journal between SOCA and Agrisocionomics be getting better and established cooperation between the two institutions.