SEMARANG – persistently high imports of corn and soybeans make joint concerns of all parties. Coupled with their low productivity should make efforts to increase the production of corn and soybeans. Central Java Province with the existing potential is one of the areas that can be developed into a production center in order to support national food security.

To support these goals, Diponegoro University initiated their focus group discussion among all stakeholders involved. In an event held at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, were representatives of Bulog, Pusri, Batan, Government Agencies, Banking, and universities in Central Java. FGD is set Wonogiri and Grobogan into two main locations for the testing of new research to improve the production of corn and soybeans.

In that discussion, Epi Sulandari of Bulog Center explained that the affordability and ease of getting the harvest is a must so it needs the collaboration of all stakeholders. Bulog then committed to making corn drying chamber and PT. Pusri will facilitate in terms of fertilizer formulations.

The meeting, which lasted for three hours was also, discussed various cooperation agenda. Cooperation which will run for five years is expected to formulate the proper cultivation technology, formulate a post-harvest technology and processing of waste corn and soybeans, as well as to increase the added value. So did need their commitment and real work, not just a mere recommendation.

Dr. Bambang WHEP as Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Livestock Central Java Diponegoro stated that it was time being barn corn and soybeans in Indonesia because of its great potential. However, to achieve that all need the synergy of all stakeholders ranging from upstream to downstream, from the procurement of fertilizer as well as the sale of crops.