On August 31, 2022, 125 students of PS S1 Agribusiness UNDIP along with 8 lecturers and education staff visited Pati City. This visit was conducted in order to introduce students to the industrial world. So far, students only know theory and learning in class. Many of them do not know what the practice in the field is like. Therefore, PS S1 Agribusiness regularly holds Field Work (FW) so that students can find out what real conditions are in companies.

In Pati itself, the students were invited to visit the Trangkil Sugar Factory and Jolong Agrotourism. Students are expected to know the management of sugar factories and agro-tourism at the same time. The Trangkil Sugar Factory was chosen because it is still an active sugar factory operating in Central Java with a relatively large production capacity. Meanwhile, Jolong Agrotourism was chosen because the current trend of village management is directed towards agrotourism. In this way, it is hoped that not only corporate management learning will be obtained, but also in terms of what kind of tourism management is.

Anastasia Ruth, as the head of the student committee also confirmed this. Tasia admitted that with direct visits like this, students can find out in real terms what the conditions are like in the field. Students also admitted that they were very happy because they could also travel together and find out new areas that they had not visited so far. At the end of the visit, Ir. Kustopo Budiraharjo, M.P. also feel very grateful because this activity also creates cooperation between PS S1 Agribusiness, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro with Trangkil Sugar Factory and Jolong Agrotourism. The collaboration that was formed was that students were allowed to carry out work internships and research in the two locations.