In the last decade, the term “World Class University” has become an attractive term, not only to improve the quality of learning and research in universities but also, to develop capacity and be able to compete in global universities/universities. The Visiting Professor program is prioritized to adjust developments and achieve the Vision of Diponegoro University to become one of the world-class universities. 
This year, according to the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, Diponegoro University (FPP), the purpose of the Visiting Professor program in the Agribusiness Study Program is to create new opportunities for students at FPP to gain knowledge about how business strategic plans are executed and students can apply it to their business development in the sector. agriculture. The Visiting Professor activity at PS Agribusiness FPP UNDIP invited Professor Datuk M Nasir Shamsudin, PhD, from the Department of Agribusiness and Bioresource Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia, with the presentation theme "Agribusiness Project Planning and Management". This theme is expected to provide benefits for FPP UNDIP students to get an idea of ​​how Agribusiness Project Planning and Management in Malaysia has been developed.
The resource person, Professor Datuk M Nasir Shamsudin, PhD, stated that agribusiness planning is a systematic effort to find new innovation alternatives, accompanied by calculating the financial consequences on results and costs. Agribusiness planning activities include: 1. Identification of market needs; 2. Identification of downstream industry needs; 3. Identification of the network of availability of working capital; 4. Preparation of farming patterns that have a competitive advantage in commodities; 5. Capital planning and credit application.
The conclusion of this visiting professor event is that essentially an agribusiness entrepreneur is expected to implement a business with the most efficient use of input factors to produce maximum output. It is very important to take advantage of agribusiness opportunities based on consumer trends and look for the latest innovative solutions and capture what opportunities are preferred by consumers.