On Tuesday (11/21/2023), 24 faculty members from the Agribusiness Program at the University of Jember visited the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture at Diponegoro University for an Audience and the Signing of a Cooperation Agreement. The event, held in the Theater Room on the 3rd Floor of Building G, proceeded smoothly. The Agribusiness Program at Diponegoro University welcomed this collaboration initiative to enhance networking and explore potential collaborations in guiding final projects, journal reviewing, and various other activities beneficial for improving Institutional Quality Indicators (IKU). During this audience agenda, both parties also discussed the facilities available at each university. The facilities at Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture are comprehensive in terms of the Agribusiness Subsystem, covering from upstream to downstream. The University of Jember’s Faculty of Agriculture toured the facilities at Diponegoro University, ranging from the Melon Greenhouse, Cattle and Goat Farm, Feed House, Milk Milking, Entrepreneur Teaching Laboratory, to the Closed House for Chickens and Agrotechnopark.

“In the near future, we seek permission to send three special delegates from the University of Jember’s Faculty of Agriculture to study the cage system and how the facility management scheme operates from upstream to downstream, ensuring seamless integration,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Soetriono, M.P, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Jember.

The existence of this collaboration agreement is undoubtedly beneficial not only for the faculties but also for developing research outcomes and downstreaming on a larger scale. The hope is that the results of this research will be beneficial for farmers, society, and the general public.”