Globalization has caused major changes in all aspects of human life, including the education sector. Universities in the world every year also compete with each other to get a much better ranking. International exposure is now a necessity if a university is to gain a global reputation. Likewise with the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Science, Universitas Diponegoro. Every year FPP Undip always makes programs to attract the world’s attention.
Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo H. E. P., M.S., M.Agr., IPU as the Dean of FPP Undip in his statement explained that at least every year FPP has 3 excellent internationalization programs, ranging from visiting professors, summer programs, to holding international conferences. In the future, it will even be expanded by opening an international class. The Dean of FPP Undip added that the Visiting Professor program was in line with Undip’s vision to become an Excellent Research University.
This year, FPP held a Visiting Professor program which is part of the World Class University program promoted by UNDIP. After last year bringing in a World Class Professor from the Philippines, now it’s Professor Peter J. Batt’s turn from Curtin University, Australia who gives his knowledge to lecturers and students within the Undip FPP.
Not only for internal FPP Undip, this program was also attended by the general public and academics from various universities in Indonesia. In this Visiting Professor program, there were 2 public lectures, 2 lecturer consultation forums, and 1 international seminar which took place online with the theme “Reframing Food Sovereignty After Covid-19”. This theme was chosen considering that Covid-19 requires farmers to adapt and look again at a country’s food security from a new perspective.
Meanwhile, public lectures were held twice. In the first public lecture, Prof. Peter delivered material on risk management in the agricultural sector. Considering that farmers are still not very aware of the risks that occur even though they have a tremendous impact. In the second meeting, Prof. Peter expands his discussion to the marketing of agricultural products, which is often a latent problem for farmers. In these two public lectures, the public’s attention was very high, both on zoom and youtube. Various questions were also asked by the participants to Prof. Peter.
Committee Chair Siwi Gayatri, Ph.D from the Agribusiness Study Program, FPP Undip stated that the Visiting Professor program is expected to strengthen research and the academic atmosphere at Undip and is expected to have an impact on the internationalization of the campus environment. This activity can also be an opportunity to collaborate to improve the quality of research which leads to an increase in international publications. The support of senior researchers with international capacities from Curtin University is also useful in exchanging thoughts, ideas and ideas with academics from FPP Undip and to help increase the achievement of research and publication indicators at Undip.