Learning System

The method used in Agribusiness Department is Student Centered Learning (SCL). This method offers the lecturers to be facilitators instead of knowledge givers. A variety of media and activities are used and performed in this method, they are: discussion, task-giving, team-work, and role-playing.
Lectures are given by using SKS (Semester Credit System) and courses are taken on with sks (semester credit unit). Lecturers team are responsible for the system of courses implementation. Lectures, practices, and evaluation (yudisium) schedules are set by the Head of Agribusiness Department, through coordinators in department level and through The Dean Assistant (academic field) in faculty level. The schedules are set in the beginning of the semester, that is compatible with the academic calendar of UNDIP.
Types and variations of learning media used for lectures are mostly multimedia like LCD. Nevertheless, whiteboards are still provided to enable explanations using modeling and mathematical formulation study. FPP Undip has a video conference device which makes long distance education is possible, whether it is with the University of Indonesia or with international universities. FPP has also provided devices such as computers for accessing the internet and information technology by using WiFi, which is provided unlimitedly in every building.
Practice in laboratories or/and in fields are performed through coordination with the lecture schedule. It is supported with facilities and infrastructures in every laboratory. SCL is a learning system that gives students the role as the main agents in the learning process, while lecturers have a role as facilitators (based on the Academic Regulation of UNDIP 2008). Each student is accompanied by Guardian Lecturer who will give directions in academic and non-academic fields.