Globalization and the industrial revolution have forced many elements of society to continue to seek international experience. Today’s student conversation is no longer only focused on the achievement index, but has led to how many countries have been visited. Opening global horizons and experiences in other countries is the main attraction for millennial students. Students are always looking for international exposure. Likewise, universities in various parts of the world, continue to internationalize in order to continue to compete. In order to internationalize and widen its network globally, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, Diponegoro University again held a summer course activity. This summer course is the 4th event since 2016. In this fourth year, the FPP Undip summer course has received extraordinary attention from foreign students. By taking the main theme “Exploring Indonesian Agriculture and Tourism”, it was recorded that 94 students from 7 countries were interested in participating in this activity.

This summer course itself will be held from 10-19 August 2020. The seven participating countries are the United States, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Rwanda, and Nigeria. This number has increased dramatically from the summer course in 2019, which was only attended by 15 students from 4 countries. This figure is proof that the Undip FPP is starting to be recognized and ogled by the outside world. This achievement was agreed by Rosyida, S.P., M.Sc as the head of the committee who stated that although the official announcement was only released a month before the event was held, it turned out that this event was able to attract extraordinary enthusiasm from the participants. Even until the registration is closed, there are still students who contact whether they can register or not.

In its 4th event, there is something different, namely the summer course is conducted online. Where the participants, instructors, and committee design activities in the virtual realm. Unlike the previous 3 implementations carried out in Semarang. During the 2 weeks of the event, participants will generally learn about Indonesian culture, from language, food, culture, tourism, to its history. The goal is for participants to understand how to live in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in particular, the participants will be introduced to agriculture and animal husbandry systems that exist in Indonesia. Various materials have been prepared starting from the production system for cattle, goat, and poultry farming. To complete it, materials such as types of spices, flora and fauna native to Indonesia, to the food industry will also be given to participants. The hope is that participants can understand the conditions of agriculture and animal husbandry from upstream, on farm, to downstream. In the process, the FPP Undip International Office involved the academic community at FPP to provide material according to their expertise. The aim is to provide an international learning atmosphere and increase networking.