As many as 5 alumni of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Science (FPP) of Diponegoro University (Undip) will soon be inaugurated as Millennial Farmer Ambassadors by the Ministry of Agriculture.

DPM is a participant who passed the Young Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program (PWMP). This program was initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) in 2016 and has succeeded in increasing the interest of the younger generation to become entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. The Ministry of Agriculture’s target is to produce one million millennial farmers through PWMP supported by collaboration with partner universities.

FPP Diponegoro University is one of the partner universities appointed to succeed the One Million Millennial Farmer Movement.

“FPP Undip has produced 45 alumni who are members of 15 business units in the agricultural sector,” said FPP Undip Agribusiness Lecturer, Siwi Gayatri, Ph.D.

According to Siwi, the assistance of FPP Undip alumni in PWMP activities was supported by three teaching staff as field supervisors for three years starting from the awareness, development, and independence phases.

This program, said Siwi, is expected to arouse the interest of agricultural alumni to want to become professional farmers. This is because many alumni of the agricultural faculty are reluctant to enter the agricultural sector because of the stigma of working in agriculture which is dirty, unpromising, full of menial jobs, and requires access to land and high capital.

“It is hoped that this program will initiate FPP Undip alumni to create jobs in the on-farm and off-farm fields. This program offers 30 million in the capital in the first year for FPP UNDIP alumni who already have a business in agriculture,” said Siwi.

Siwi explained, PWMP encourages alumni in accordance with the mission of FPP Undip to become an excellent faculty in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture by transforming from traditional cultivation to modern agriculture in accordance with the development of the IT 4.0 era.

The fields of business occupied by PWMP FPP Undip alumni include businesses from upstream to downstream, such as fattening beef cattle, animal feed, and organic fertilizers, fattening goats and sheep, ornamental plant businesses, hydroponic vegetables, and processing fresh cow’s milk.

The PWMP program, according to him, is also a tangible manifestation of the faculty’s support for increasing food production and supply in Indonesia, especially during the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.

To support modern agriculture, Undip is also developing digital farming. FPP Undip has made a drone with the brand SR-01 for pest eradication. For automatic spray applications, a research team led by Bagus Herwibawa et al. was developed. FPP Undip has also developed an IoT to detect temperature, humidity, and pH of the cage automatically so that it is useful for animal welfare for broiler chickens.