During the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is today, people are required to always maintain cleanliness and health for the common good.

Maintaining health is not a difficult thing to do because we often see something ordinary but it turns out to be beneficial, for example using the Moringa plant to become a nutritious drink, namely “Kelor Leaf Tea”.

In implementing one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely community service, students are required to go into the field directly together with the community in exploring the potential that exists in the area.

Saturday, November 20, 2021, Adisa Nur Fitriana, a student of the Diponegoro University agribusiness study program who is conducting UNDIP X UNICEF Thematic Community Service Program in Jetis Village, conducted a community empowerment program through training in making Moringa leaf tea together with PKK women RT 02/01 Jetis Village Blora District.

As many people know that Moringa leaves are plants that are beneficial for health, such as helping to lower blood pressure and maintaining body immunity, which is very much needed in pandemic conditions like today.

“It’s great that this can be used as a business idea too, sis, because many mothers here are housewives so they can develop it (develop a Moringa leaf tea business)”, said Mrs. Tutik, a member of PKK RT 02.

During the activity, the mothers who took part in the training looked enthusiastic from the start, from being explained about Moringa leaves to their manufacturing practices to packaging their products. “The program was very interesting because it got very good information and could find out the benefits of Moringa leaves made into tea,” said Ibu Ana, a member of PKK RT 02.