Alumni of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Science, Universitas Diponegoro (FPP Undip) are involved in a program to maintain food supply in Indonesia. This program was carried out to deal with the corona pandemic.
“The previous alumni were also participants in the Young Agricultural Entrepreneurial Program (PWMP) initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2016. The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with partner universities has also set a target of producing one million millennial farmers,” said Agribusiness Study Program Lecturer, FPP Undip, namely Dr. Shiva Gayatri.
Gayatri is an expert in the PWMP program. Now, alumni are also actively involved in increasing food production and supply in the country. Agriculture is one of the fields that has survived amid the corona outbreak. This is a great opportunity to increase the income of farming families.

“The rest, demand for livestock and agricultural products are getting higher, especially for family consumers. This condition is also felt by those assisted by PWMP FPP Undip who use online information technology for marketing their business products. The hashtag #at home has proven to be very effective in increasing household food consumption demand,” he explained.

Meanwhile, agricultural distribution is carried out online, so that the product will reach its destination without bothering consumers. This will certainly increase the income of millennial farmers. Undip itself is one of the partner universities appointed to succeed the One Million Millennial Farmer Movement.