The pandemic has caused many changes in all aspects of life. Not apart from the agribusiness sector. When Indonesia implemented a regional restriction policy, the flow of harvest distribution was also slightly disrupted. The selling price has also undergone a lot of changes, price fluctuations are one of the consequences of the pandemic. The pandemic has even caused changes in consumer behavior and tastes. Consumption of vegetables, fruit, and milk continues to increase during the pandemic. The pandemic has provided its own opportunities and challenges during and after the pandemic.


In order to examine the future of the agricultural sector after the pandemic, the Bachelor of Agribusiness Undip invited one of the world-class professors. This world class professor program is designed so that students and the entire academic community can better understand current issues from a global perspective. Professor Shenggen Fan as Chair Professor at China Agricultural University and Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute from 2009 to 2020. With all his experience and knowledge Prof. Shenggen is expected to provide a comprehensive understanding of what will happen to the agricultural sector in the future. Ir. Kustopo Budiraharjo, M.P. as the Head of the Bachelor of Agribusiness also agrees with this. According to Ir. Kutopo, a world class professor program like this is a study program’s effort to provide a competitive academic atmosphere.


In his presentation for 3 hours, Prof. Shenggen Fan explained that so far conflicts, climate change, and natural disasters have caused hunger and food shortages. The pandemic basically does not have a negative impact on the agricultural sector because it is proven that only the agricultural sector can continue to grow. The pandemic actually creates potential and opportunities because people are starting to realize the importance of a healthy living culture and consumption of quality agricultural products. In the future, farmers are required to be able to produce quality crops and there needs to be food diversification. Harvest prices will also be reduced so that consumers can enjoy quality food products by gradually increasing production. That way agriculture in the village can supply the needs of the urban community.

Strategies that can be done to deal with post-pandemic changes from Prof. Shenggen Fans are:

  1. Move up or Move out. Farmers must be able to sort out which obstacles are still above and which are not. If you can’t handle it, then you should just leave it.
  2. Carry out the transformation. The transformation here starts from increasing productivity, revitalizing institutions, planting commodities that have selling values, and opening up international markets.
  3. Create an inclusive value chain
  4. Improve infrastructure and investment
  5. Conducting innovation and research
  6. Create a social safety net
  7. Doing intensification
  8. Minimizing gender inequality

Collaborating with various stakeholders