The Bachelor Agribusiness Study Program held a public lecture by inviting Suyadi, S.P., M.P., and Irfan Rahadian Sudiyana, S.P., M.Si., M.Sc. The speakers in this public lecture are the owners of Happy Tani and Kiwari Farmers. Young entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector based in Malang and Bandung. In this public lecture, the two speakers discussed the urgency of the concept of sustainable agriculture, challenges in implementing sustainable agribusiness, and business strategies to achieve the 3Ps (Profit, People, Planet).

So far, business only views the economy and profit as the main goal, even though it is necessary to consider social and environmental aspects in its implementation. These three aspects are expected to synergize with each other to achieve sustainable development. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present and ensures the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Development must be aligned with resource management so that long-term prosperity has the same priority as the immediate needs of the present.

The impact of development that is not environmentally sound results in environmental damage and a decrease in the carrying capacity of the environment. Development activities must be sustainable and refer to natural conditions with environmentally sound use. Agricultural development is a strategic sector in the national economy because it plays a role in maintaining capital, providing food, industrial raw materials, feed and bioenergy, absorbing labor, sources of foreign exchange and income sources as well as environmental preservation through environmentally friendly farming practices.

Agricultural development in Indonesia is directed towards sustainable agricultural development as part of the implementation of sustainable development. Sustainable agricultural development (including rural development) is a strategically important issue that is of concern and discussion in all countries. At the end of the event, Ir. Kustopo Budiraharjo, M.P. as the Head of the Study Program said that besides being a goal, sustainable agricultural development has also become a paradigm of agricultural development patterns which are translated in the form of a sustainable development triangle framework (Environmentally Sustainable Development Triangle) which is based on economic, ecological, and social sustainability.