The high production of cassava in the harvest season in Boyolali Regency causes the selling price of cassava to be very low.  Thus making the Women Farmers Group (KWT) in Karangnongko Village, Mojosongo District, Boyolali Regency feel concerned and moved.

KWT in Karangnongko Village, Mojosongo District, Boyolali Regency with the Chairperson of the KWT, Ms. Yuni who is a fostered village of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Science, UNDIP by deploying a community engagement teams from the Agribusiness Study Program, Undip determined to carry out the Cassava Innovation into Mocaf Flour and Food Creations with Processed Mocaf. The training was guided by Migie Handayani, S.Pt., M.Si. along with the team.

“Cassava if processed with simple technology can become mocaf and food creations with processed mocaf”, so that it will provide added value for the income of farmer-breeding families,” said Migie in front of the participants.

She further explained that mocaf flour is produced through a microbial or enzymatic fermentation process so that the quality is better, because it contains nutrients such as soluble fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, protein, oligosaccharides, phosphorus, phytoestrogens and glucose.