Halo #SahabatAgribisnis UNDIP!

The Inspiration for this KKN activity was from an Agribusiness Student (Agil Anita) regarding the utilization of plastic waste and kitchen waste, namely onions.

The Women Farmers’ Group (KWT) in Lengking Village, Bulu Sub-district, Sukoharjo District, is actively engaged in home vegetable cultivation. The cultivated vegetables range from chili peppers, scallions, spinach, and long beans, among others. However, the vegetable cultivation is not without challenges, as it is often plagued by infestations of aphids, flies, and insects.

Observing this situation, Agil Anita, a student from Agribusiness Department of the Faculty of Animal and Agriculture, took initiative to provide a solution by creating a plant-based pesticide using kitchen waste, specifically onion skins. The choice of onion skins as the raw material is due to their easy availability and the presence of toxic actogenin compounds that are bitter-tasting and disliked by insects. Furthermore, onion skins contain Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) that can enhance plant growth.

The event began with an awareness campaign about the importance of transitioning to organic products and the long-term risks of using chemical pesticides. The event proceeded with a demonstration of creating the plant-based pesticide, which involved mixing onion skins with clean water inside a tightly sealed bottle and letting it sit for 2-4 days. The activity concluded with a discussion session and a group photo.

The pesticide product was tested on plants around the meeting hall at the location of the awareness event during the KWT forum (Friday, July 21, 2023). A total of 19 participants from the KWT Karangpoh Lengking attended this activity with enthusiasm


Agil Anita Sari,

Agribusiness student, Department of Agriculture, 2023.

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