Vision and Mission

The Bachelor Program in Agribusiness is a study program at the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Science, Universitas Diponegoro which will educate and produce graduates who are able to apply, master, and develop science and technology in the field of agribusiness by prioritizing the sustainable use of agricultural and local resources in the perspective of global competition.



To become one of the excellent centers for agricultural science in tropical farming to support sustainable development and social welfare improvement on a global scale.



Develop educational programs, research, and community services in the field of agribusiness to produce competitive graduates to support the improvement of the nation’s competitiveness and community’s welfare with accountable and professional management.



  1. Produce graduates who are capable of entrepreneurship in the field of agribusiness.
  2. Produce graduates who are capable of becoming agents of development and able to empower the agricultural community by applying agribusiness systems and approaches.
  3. Produce graduates who are academically capable and able to become technopreneurs at national and international institutions.