KKN or Real Work Lecture is a form of student service to the community with a scientific approach to regions in Indonesia. The implementation of KKN is expected to provide benefits to the surrounding community. During the current pandemic, Diponegoro University or often called UNDIP carries out KKN activities back home with the theme “Community Empowerment amid the Covid-19 Pandemic Based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)”.
Ruth Patricia Harefa, a student majoring in Agribusiness, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, is one of the students who conduct Community Service Program in RW 03, Tinjomoyo Village, Banyumanik District, Semarang City. The work program carried out is “Socialization on How to Plant Ginger Plants Using Polybag Media”. This program was implemented based on a discussion between students and the Head of RW 03 who said that currently many residents, especially women in RW 03, have a hobby of farming. The plants that are often planted are ornamental.
Departing from the hobbies of the residents of RW 03, students provide a ginger plant planting program using polybag media which is very useful and its cultivation is relatively easy. So, residents of 03 can channel their passion by planting herbal medicinal plants that are very beneficial for the body.
According to Aryantar in the Journal of Health, apart from being a spice in cooking, ginger can also be used as a drink or herbal medicine because it contains magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin A, riboflavin, and niacin. In addition, Aryantar also added that ginger has properties to prevent and treat various minor ailments such as colds, coughs, nausea or motion sickness.
Therefore, it is hoped that with the implementation of this KKN program, residents of RW 03, Tinjomoyo Village are interested in planting ginger plants because ginger rhizomes have very good benefits and properties as well as channeling a hobby that is currently a trend, namely farming.