On September 16-18, 2022, the Circuit III Forki West Java 2022 karate championship was held at GOR Sugihardjo STTD, Bekasi Regency. At the provincial level championship, one of the students of PS S1 Agribusiness, Diponegoro University batch 2020 won a gold medal. Chesa Fadilla Tiarananda won 1st place in senior kumite – 61 kg women in the event. On the next occasion, Chesa admitted that he would advance to the national level which would be held in Padang.

Chesa admits that he has been practicing karate since he was a child. Her parents also support Chesa to be able to excel in this non-academic field. Met on a separate occasion Ir. Kustopo Budiraharjo, M.P. admitted that he was very proud of the achievements of the PS S1 Agribusiness students. According to him, agribusiness students are indeed encouraged to excel not only academically but also in other fields, ranging from sports, arts, to sports. At the end of the interview, the Head of the S1 Agribusiness Study Program hoped that this achievement could motivate other students to do well at the local, national, and international levels.