New Student of Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

Do you still remember the exhaustion of you preparation for national exam? Do you still remember how much sweat that came out to looking for majors? Remember the tears that came out at the announcement day?

Today you are officially a big family of Agribusiness Program, Undip. The prayers from your parents have taken you to a very high point. But remember there is still a long way to go. After this there is a burden and hard work to be borne.

Classes, assignments, practicum, organization, and all the romance of campus life is about to begin. The future you dream of will start from Tembalang.

Enjoy your study period. Hopefully it will be a door of glory, a bridge to success in life, and a means to become a figure that the family, community and environment are proud of.

In Agribusiness Undip you will find family, love, friendship, and even competition. But this is where the scratch of your life will start.

Spread a smile and look for benefits that is an important point to be a strong and successful young generation.

We are proud, we are excited, we are happy. Powerful Agribusiness!