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For a long time, plastic bottle waste has only ended up in waste incineration. This is because not many are aware that plastic bottle waste can be utilized as a means for aquaponic cultivation. Against this situation, Agil Anita, a student participating in the 2023 Community Service Program (KKN) from Undip’s Team II, Faculty of Animal and Agriculture, Department of Agribusiness, conducted an outreach program and created a demonstration of a simple aquaponic setup using used plastic bottles.

The simple demonstration was introduced during the regular forum of the Women’s Farmer Group (KWT) in Dukuh Karangpoh, Lengking Village, Bulu Sub-district, Sukoharjo (Friday, July 21, 2023). The participants of the outreach and awareness event eagerly listened to the presentation of the aquaponic demonstration, which was integrated with catfish cultivation, commonly known as “budikdamber.”

The outreach began by explaining the importance of plastic waste utilization and the benefits of fish and vegetable cultivation in buckets for household food resilience. A total of 19 members of the Women’s Farmer Group (KWT) from Lengking Village, attended the event. In addition, a cultivation guide booklet for “budikdamber” was also provided as a reference.

According to the chairwoman of KWT Karangpoh, Mrs. Winarsih, this demonstration is a new initiative for KWT that is expected to inspire the members of KWT to independently cultivate vegetables and fish.

The outcome of this outreach program is the enhancement of KWT members’ skills in independently cultivating vegetables and fish using the “budikdamber” method based on the provided guidelines. The activity received a positive response from the participants, as evidenced by the high number of questions asked during the Q&A session.

Agil Anita Sari,

Agribusiness student, Department of Agriculture, 2023.

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